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Belleville washers and disc springs are critical components.

Belleville washers, also called disc springs, conical springs, spring washers, and bolt washers can bear a much larger load relative to its deflection rate than a coiled spring, making them ideal for cushioning heavy loads with short motion.

Belleville washers provide the following advantages:

  • Conserve spaceBelleville Washers
  • Offer a long service life
  • Can be used in conjunction with coiled springs
  • Offer great versatility when stacked in series or in parallel
  • Increase the reliability of machinery
  • Prevent bolt failures
  • Maintain the positioning accuracy of ball bearings
  • Minimize thermal expansion
  • Are self-damping
  • Distribute loads evenly
  • Absorb shocks


For the reasons above, it’s easy to see why Belleville washers are used for a multitude of applications across various industries like flange bolting in cryogenic applications, live loading the gland follower of a valve, preloading a ball bearing, providing shock absorption in a downhole drilling tool, or even preloading the valve seat of a ball valve.

BelleFlex® Technologies produces Belleville washers and Belleville disc springs compliant to DIN specifications 2092, 2093, and 6796 as well as custom applications at our ISO 9001-2015-certified manufacturing facility in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Used singly or stacked to achieve desired load and travel, BelleFlex® Belleville washers and Belleville disc springs are the solution for flange leakage, distributing bearing loads, generating and sustaining tension, providing constant load, and spanning alignment holes.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Blair Strip Steel Company, a leader in precision processing of heavy gauge cold rolled strip steel since 1923, our Belleville washers and Belleville disc springs are manufactured to the same quality standards. BelleFlex® Technologies has years of metallurgical experience, 24/7 engineering support, and routinely manufactures in a size range of 0.25” to 48” OD, making BelleFlex® Technologies the choice for Belleville washers and Belleville disc springs.

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