BelleFlex® Belleville disc springs are used in the production and distribution of energy. They are essential to wind turbine brake assemblies, bus bars, motors, transformers, wind mill propellers, and power plants. Used singly or stacked, as is common practice for wind turbine brake assemblies, Bellevilles decrease the probability of joint failure and keep electrical connections tight. Since electrical connections are often composed of different materials that have various coefficients of thermal expansion, Bellevilles can improve and retain bolt preload and increase the elasticity of the fastening system. BelleFlex® also produces Wire-Centered Disc Springs for Nuclear Power Turbines.

BelleFlex® offers many options to prevent corrosion. We stock light duty Carpenter Custom 455® flange bolting, an economical version of stainless steel flange bolting, for applications in which protection from corrosion is required. We can also apply coatings, such as clear or yellow zinc, electroless nickel, phosphate and oil, chromates, black oxide, cadmium, and Teflon®, to increase corrosion resistance.

We offer customized Bellevilles for nearly any application. BelleFlex® also does special fabrication to provide our customers with the convenience of a single supplier.