Oil Refining

Belleville disc springs are found in many components used in oil refining, such as pipelines, pipe supports, pumps, valves, and actuators.

Properly designed and installed, BelleFlex® flange bolting can reduce flange leakage in pipelines, and increase the life of gasketed joints, resulting in less waste and downtime. Incorporating a custom Belleville application such as “live loading” can also improve the reliability of the flange joint.

Reliable actuators are essential to keeping oil refineries running smoothly. With frequent cycling, critical forces, and deflections, actuators may use a variety of Bellevilles, including flange bolting and metric series Bellevilles, to keep joints tight.

In addition to our selection in flange bolting, BelleFlex® stocks a wide range of sizes and materials for metric series Bellevilles and can usually fill orders for common sizes immediately.