17-7 PH® Flange Bolting

17-7PH® Stainless Steel is a semi-austenitic precipitation-hardening stainless steel, well-suited for applications requiring high strength and hardness, good fatigue properties, corrosion resistance, and minimum distortion upon heat treatment. 17-7 PH® Stainless Steel, when stressed and exposed to corrosive environments, may be subject to spontaneous fracture. (Registered trademark of AK Steel)

Help eliminate flange leakage with BelleFlex® flange bolting. Leaks occur by bolt stretch, gasket creep, cycles of thermal change, etc. However, by maintaining load on bolted joints, leakage is greatly reduced, if not eliminated. 

The load values listed in the table below are according to the calculated theoretical load curve based on the dimensions and material for each part number.

* Torque values for sizes 1-1/8″ and larger are based on the 8-pitch thread series for flanged piping.
† 50,000 psi bolt stress