What are DIN specifications?

Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) is an international standards organization, based in Germany that governs specifications of many industrial and technical materials.

BelleFlex® utilizes the following DIN specifications to guide our design and manufacturing process:

  • Our engineers employ the calculations of DIN 2092 to create Belleville disc springs with predictable deflection for a given load and a determinable minimum life cycle.
  • BelleFlex® adheres to DIN 2093 for the type, dimensions, material, permissible stress, permissible set, guide clearance, and testing of Bellevilles. Although DIN 2093 applies only to specific limited applications and sizes, all disc springs produced by BelleFlex® are manufactured in accordance with the quality and testing requirements contained in this specification.
  • BelleFlex® utilizes DIN 6796 in the manufacturing of heavy-duty Belleville washers.